Whistable, October 23

When Emily told me she and Nathan wanted their shoot at Whistable, I was so down. This charming seaside town in Kent holds a special place in their hearts, as it does mine. We chose the perfect day - the sun was setting beautifully over the calm sea. It looked like a summer's evening, just without the large crowds. Winning!


We started the shoot with some ciders and pizza, and I did some solo shots of Emily looking fabulous whilst Nathan collected the goods.

Candid moments

Throughout the fun, laughing, and chatting I'm paying attention to those little in-between moments and pretty details. Every now and again I'll give a prompt to keep the energy, and the rest sort of happens naturally.

Save the Date

Emily and Nathan made their own 'save the date' sign for the shoot after seeing something similar in an instagram reel. We love a bit of insta inspo! This is such a cool idea and an alternative way to send out save the dates!

Sugar Sugar

Whistable high street is full of quirky and colourful little shops. We stopped off at a sweet shop for some pic n mix, obviously. Then full of sugar, E+N rushed back to the sea as we realised golden hour was reaaaally golden houring. Once the sun starts going down it goes fast.

Champagne kisses, peachy skies, fresh sea breeze

Ibiza chill soundtracks played on the portable speaker as Emily and Nathan popped bottles and danced around in the sea. The vibe was so good; relaxed, fun, playful. I felt like I'd been friends with these two for years!

Peaceful dusk

We continued to dance into the dusk as the sun disappeared, leaving us with dreamy skies. Hello blue hour. The gentle waves sounded louder as the beach emptied. Time for a quick outfit change!

Finishing with flashy portraits

For the final part of our adventure we headed back to the high street to capture some cool rock n roll night portraits, but not before grabbing another drink! Lots of running across the street and direct flash - this part was so much fun to shoot!

Emily wore dresses and shoes from Pretty Little Thing and got her flowers from Mr Flower.

Thank you Emily and Nathan for the best time, I just know your wedding this year is going to be epic!

To book in a couple shoot please get in touch. Let's have an adventure!