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Frequently asked questions

Can we meet to discuss booking you? Due to the amount of enquries I get, it would be impossible to meet everyone before booking. However I'd love to chat on the phone and hear all about you and your wedding plans! Feel free to call me during the week.

How do we book you? Please head to my contact page and fill out the form to get started! All bookings require a signed contract and a £500 booking fee which is deducted from the overal cost.

Are you insured? I am fully insured with full public liability and professional indemnity cover.

Do we need a second photographer? I recommend having a second photographer if you want both preps covered, have over 100 guests and lots happening!

Can you recommend suppliers? Of course! I have worked in the wedding industry for 6+ years so have lots of recommendations for some of the best wedding suppliers around. Videographers, hair, make-up, flowers, I gotchu!

What's your approach on the day? I'm pretty relaxed and shoot most of the day as it happens. I'm a lover of detail and will capture every little important thing that tells the story of your day. My candid game is strong and I can be pretty sneaky and unnoticable. When it comes to group + couple photos, I get stuck in! We're gonna have fun and I'll make sure you and your guests are laughing and enjoying yourselves!

We're camera shy! Can you help? I hear this a lot - do not panic! You are in safe hands. I have lots of experience with putting the most camera shy couples at total ease. The most important thing is that you're enjoying yourselves, the photos are a bonus!

What happens if you fall ill on the day? This is all covered in my contract. Fortunately this hasn't happened yet but I am part of an awesome team of talented wedding photographers who will be able to help out and photograph your day on my behalf. Your booking stays with me and I still edit your gallery.

How many photos do we recieve? I don't limit the amount of photos you recieve. For a full day wedding you will recieve a minimum of 700 photos, usually it's many more!

Can we print and share our photos? Of course! You have full printing and sharing rights. If another supplier wishes to use the photos please point them in my direction.

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