• Sophie

Sea, Sand, and a Socially Distanced Couple Shoot

A couple of weeks ago, after the government announced we could see our family and friends in an outdoor space at a safe distance, I decided to meet up with my bestie and her hubby to enjoy a walk along the beach at sunset. I took my camera (of course) and we practised a socially distanced shoot, to see if it was safe and possible, in anticipation that I would start to offer these again under the new government guidelines. I'm glad I got to experiment with this before offering them again, so I could know for sure that it is doable, plus we got some lovely photos and I'm so pleased with them!

I have a few shoots coming up that I'm really excited about, it's been such a long few months not being able to do my job and I have missed it so much!

Getting down to the seaside was SO good for my mental health. I had been feeling a bit down and lost, and didn't even want to post on Instagram because I was just so sad about everything. Spending a couple of hours away from home and the same scenery really helped clear my head and I have actually been feeling so productive ever since!

I hope you enjoy looking through these beachy photos! Broadstairs was somewhere I went quite a lot growing up and I have fond memories of it so it was nice to capture some photos when it was so quiet.

If you'd like to book in a socially distanced couple/family shoot with me, please send me a message!

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